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~ 23/11/09

It’s mainly due to uncle Bob Martin’s twit on how lame we as a society become in terms of not speaking our minds due to unreasonable extreme politeness that I decided¬† stop procrastinating and write.

It is said we shouldn’t be talking or writing about politics, religion, abortion, drug legalization, gender changing, or other society sensible issue¬† if you want to keep friends.

When it comes to opinionated Ruby programming code bloging is more complicated. My friends and I can become quite judgmental and hurt mutual feelings, but friends are mine to keep as I love them and they probably do back.

I stand as a democrat but when it comes to guns, abortion and economy I divert from some of the core values.

In other venue of things I am not a mac nor a PC, but a Linux, with Ubuntu as my preferred distro. And btw, a vim rather than an emacs.
That said, Write on!

Keep tuned for more coming soon.

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